Special Report: The Annual Concours and Rally RREC in England

Report from England

The special RREC Bulletin

“This documentary illustrates the true international makeup of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club. It shows how our members from all over the world share their enthusiasm with each other in so many ways. They may be owners of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars, experts in Concours, collectors of memorabilia, followers of the history and heritage of Sir Henry Royce or just lovers of the English traditions which go with those pursuits. Even the British weather cannot stop them coming together to enjoy this annual event which has now grown to fill a full three day programme”
Jim Fleming
Chairman RREC

Hallo DailyChannelTV,
In June at Rockingham Castle you made a small video of me and my wife after the end of the auction. We had the highest quote for the Bentley lot 3 but the owner didn’t accept, he expected a higher offer. You just made the video when we got the information about this. After some negociations with the owner we made the deal and now the Bentley is at our home in 49434 Neuenkirchen Germany.
We went last weekend to England and picked up the car and drove to Harwich, took the ferry to Hoek van Holland. Unfortunately the car broke down after a short distance, ignition failured minior item.
Surprised we were about the friendlyness of the Dutch people until a friend picked us with a trailer up.

Mit freundlichem Gruß/ Kind Regards
Klaus Kramer

The DailyChannelTV team

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